How Improving Social Influence Can Help Your eCommerce Convert Better

Your popularity on social media (number of followers), recommendations from influencers, proof of demand, and customer reviews are all part of social influence.

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But in this article, I’ll focus on customer reviews and how it can help your eCommerce business generate more sales. Reviews boost your credibility and they’re also one of the best ways to increase sales.

An effective review is:

  • Medium to long in length
  • Specific
  • Sounds credible

Here are some benefits of social influence on your eCommerce website:

  • 84% trust online reviews, as it turns out they view it as a “personal recommendation.” They see this a form of business transparency. (Small Business Trends)
  • 70% consult reviews first before buying (PeopleClaim Blog)
  • 82% consider user-generated reviews valuable
  • 94% search and read online reviews (Fan and Fuel)
  • 270% increase in conversion rates after displaying reviews (Spiegel Research Center)
  • 380% increase in conversion rates for higher-priced products after displaying reviews
  • 88% see reviews a motivation in their buying decisions (Zendesk)

Social influence builds trust among your buyers. Because of the psychology of popularity and word of mouth, new customers feel at ease.

You need the power of positive word of mouth to generate lasting success. Existing customers can do a greater job of marketing than you could manage on your own.

How to add social influence to your eCommerce website?

eCommerce platforms have marketplace apps to help you add reviews. You can automate this process by using third-party software to collect and manage customer feedback.

Here are some Shopify apps to help you increase customer reviews:


  • $9.99/month. 14-day free trial.
  • Star ratings: 4.9
  • Numbers of users (2019): 1,769

Loox is an incredible app because it lets users leave photo reviews. It can send automatic emails to request your customers to leave a review. You can offer discounts to customers who submitted photos in their review. Loox says products that have photo reviews increased conversions by up to 91%.

Shopify Product Reviews

  • Free
  • Star ratings: 4.5
  • Number of reviews (2019): 1.136 reviews

This app provides a way for your customers to engage with you, as well as with other customers to encourage sales. It also has SEO-friendly review scores that you can to your Google search results. Product Reviews

  • Free plan available
  • Star ratings: 4.9
  • Number of reviews (2019): 1,975

This app has in-email review form for customer’s convenience and added Net Promoter Score Survey. You can use this not only for reviews but also for NPS which can help further improve customer experience and conversion rates.

Here are some Magento apps to help you increase customer reviews:

Magento’s Testimonials

  • $48 installation service
  • Star ratings: 3

This extension allows the customer to rate products on a five-star scale and add text testimonials. You can verify the authenticity of every review and let you display the reviews on different pages of your website. You can also manage every review.

Pixlee Social Commerce and Visual Reviews

  • Free
  • Star ratings: 5

You can use this app to collect, display, and measure the effects of user-generated images and videos. It has image recognition technology to tag products in each photo or video making the visuals interactive and shoppable.

Feefo Ratings and Reviews

  • Free
  • Star ratings: 5

You can use this app to approve and filter out customer reviews. Each customer will receive an acknowledgment email to make sure the review is from an actual customer, not spam or bot.

In Conclusion

Social influence works well to increase conversions and sales. You should optimize and design your eCommerce to lift up your brand consistently. Customers who love and praise your brand will attract more people to trust and do business with you.

Try the above-mentioned tactics to see how customer reviews positively impact your business.

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