How Should a Dress Shirt Fit? (2020)

How Should a Dress Shirt Fit?

You enjoy how your slim fit white shirt portrays your muscles and pecs, although you feel like you’re suffocating inside. Why go through the hell, when the perfect dress shirt is out there waiting for you? Here are some tips and tricks that you can use, when picking out the right dress shirt at your local store.

From the top, the collar should always meet the standard “One Finger Rule”. When buttoned up, stick a finger and if the finger fits, it’s all good. You can opt for two fingers down the collar if you’re not used to the style.

As for the shoulders, take note of the seams and that it should meet directly at the edge of your shoulder. The shoulders must be broad enough to facilitate wide movements, without spiking oddly out of shape. Additionally, the length downstream should always curve and continue downwards to the arms. Too large or too small, you might tear a hole or end up with a floppy arm.

For slim fit dress shirts, it’s all about the torso or chest area. These dress shirts are made to match the torso region, giving it more intensity or appeal. If there are visible lines across the chest, it’s likely too tight. Too loose, and you’ll look very sloppy. What you need is a couple of inches of space between the fabrics and your chest to stretch while maintaining the outline of the chest.

Sleeves are a common issue, as it takes into account of how big or long your arms are. Similar to the torso region, you must search for an optimal diameter for your arms. It should be able to match the shape of your arms, without taking away too much comfort. Meanwhile, the length of the sleeves mainly dictates your ability to bend your elbow joints. Therefore, it is best to just let the sleeves meet in between the palms and the wrist. Take note that if you button the sleeves, it may affect the length when stretching.

The armholes are more preferential to each individual. Tightness ensures that it does not constantly slide up and down the arm during rigorous movements. For some, it’s just annoying. Looseness is a matter of comfort where someone would rather not feel the constriction. Nothing a couple of buttons or cufflinks cannot fix.

Finally, the midsection of the dress shirts. For extra slim fit or slim fit shirts, it is best to get a longer midsection so that you can tuck your shirts comfortably. It should also be narrow enough that the un-tucked portions to not sit out like a fat belly. To determine the tightness, you can observe the buttons if they are strained or unbuttoned when sitting down. Remember to fix your posture while sitting.

So, all you need to do is to follow these next steps to find the perfect slim fit dress shirt. You don’t need to splash a large amount of cash on a tailor to tediously measure every inch of your body. Share this with your coworkers or friends, they’ll be sure to thank you for it. 

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