How To Find The Right Makeup Artist For Your Product Demo

The influencer makeup artist in malaysia


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For newly launched cosmetic brands that are looking for product demo makeup artist, you need to understand that there are several types of makeup artist and what you should know before approaching them.

Bridal makeup

For bridal makeup artist, they are very hands on and detailed. Before engaging them, you need to understand your target audience very well. For exampe if your brand audience are targeting young malays, you should engage with a Malay makeup artist that specialised and understand the Malay makeup.

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This is very important because as a good makeup artist, they have to visualise the concept, contrast and tone of the makeup.

Hiring the wrong makeup artist can be a disaster because it doesn’t connect with your audience.

Occasion makeup

Makeup artist that specialised in occasion makeup are focused on bigger and broader audience. If your cosmetic brands are targeting broad users, it’s good to hire occasion makeup artist that understand the entire spectrum and dynamics of different makeup style.

However, it’s very important to craft out the theme and go through them with your makeup artist so they can prepare on how to deliver a world class makeup demo.

Influencer makeup artist.

Hiring influencer makeup artist can be the best hire for your product demo, but sometimes this can cost a bomb if you are running on a string budget.

Normally, these influencer makeup artist are followed by top musicians and artist in the country and being followed by huge local fans.

Despite the expensive fee, if you wanted to have the biggest impact on your demo session it’s best to hire influencer makeup artist in malaysia as they would be able to help your brand reach out to the big market.