How To Optimise SEO in 2020

Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions still play a large role in SEO and ranking higher in search engine results. Meta descriptions should tell what the page is about, include important keywords and simultaneously entice readers to click on the page.

Loading Speed

At Google, they aim to make pages load in under two seconds. Other websites might take a tiny bit longer, but they should not take longer than five seconds to load. Too many images, ads or graphics will make a website load slower, which will then hurt their rankings. Customers that do not want to wait will leave the page before it loads and search engines will downrank the site. Make websites simpler, such as including less images and banner ads, will easily help them load faster.

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is how often customers are on the website, and then quickly leave. When readers leave too quickly, that contributes to the bounce rate of a website. Then, Google and other search engines downrank the website. They instantly assume that the website is not providing high quality content, or that, for whatever reason, customers are not getting what they need from the web page.

In order to rank higher, web page owners need to get their bounce rate as low as possible. There are several strategies that SEO agencies in Malaysia use to help engage potential customers and keep the bounce rate low. This is one of the most common SEO practices.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly websites instantly rank higher than websites that are not mobile friendly. This is because so many users are visiting websites via their phone and tablet now. Aside from offices, most people do not regularly use a laptop or desktop computer. Instead, they opt for the convenience of their phones, and website owners should accommodate that. Over half of all visits to websites are via a mobile device. Ensure that your page is mobile friendly to keep your bounce rate down, and encourage more traffic.

High Quality Content


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High quality content remains the top choice for SEO strategies. Content posted should be free from errors, written correctly, and provide useful information to readers. If search engines feel that the content contains too much fluff, such as additional words to add length to the post like the word “also” too many times, it will rank them lower in search engine results.

When websites have high quality content, this contributes to reducing the bounce rate. Readers will want to stay on the page for longer than three seconds. This is another way that search engines help determine which websites should be ranked higher than others.


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