Is 918Kiss A Scam? Find Out Here!


918Kiss is an online game released in 2018 to bring new experiences for every online gaming players. In case you didn’t know yet, it’s recently known as SCR888 that is one of the largest and leading online game platforms throughout the Asian region. SCR888 is a well-known online mobile slot games in Malaysia. The founder decided to replace its name to 918Kiss for rebranding purposes.

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But, is 918Kiss a scam? The answer to that is no. But why? Well, 918Kiss provides a lot of benefits, which makes it more appealing than its competitors in the market. Let’s find out more!
Wide Selection of Games
One of the best reasons 918Kiss isn’t a scam is that it offers a huge amount of games on their platform. The platform provides a ton of games and from various categories, as well. You will find slots, Baccarat, live poker, roulette, and so much more.
Everything from new modern games to classic games, 918Kiss got you covered. That guarantees players will not feel bored with playing a single game only.
Did you know that one of the major concerns plaguing online gambling in the past is the number of frauds and scams happening inside it? Users and players were getting scammed and cheated out of their money. Some even lost their personal information because of the rampant scams and fraud in the online gambling market.
As stated on their website, 918Kiss is operated by a company that owns all the needed certifications and licenses necessary to run an online gambling platform, as well as the software they create. On top of that, 918Kiss encrypts every outgoing and incoming connection through 128bit encryption. That suggests your persona money and data as safe as it could be.
That suggests the online gambling platform is 100% guaranteed to be secure and safe for the user and player.
Convenience & Ease of Use

Online gambling had a concern before 918Kiss rolled out. It was not a concern with the authorities. The problem lies with attracting and driving new players. Previous online gambling platforms mistakenly assume that everybody who wanted to try them out was professional gamblers who will know how to play the game
Nonetheless, it does not change the reality that online gambling and gambling in a physical casino is different. That’s true, even if you know how to play the game. There was a lot of misunderstanding, such as how to replace the amount being bet, how to bet money, and so much more.
That resulted to even more concerns, like scams and fraud connected with online gambling. However, that all transformed when 918Kiss was launched. The platform made it their goal to make their platform convenient and simple for its users. 918Kiss arrived with detailed instructions that were nothing convenient for its players.
Bottom Line
To sum up, 918Kiss is not a scam. There’s a reason why it’s the most sought-after online gambling platform within Asia. You can guarantee you’ll find something you’d love in 91Kiss from its plethora of games to its security.