RVP brand ambassador – BK8

RVP brand ambassador – The purpose of the partnership deal


Robin’s images would play a significant role in attracting prospective customers to the BK8 website. By so doing, the casino’s clientele base would increase, and so would their revenue. More to that, the images would establish a stronger BK8 brand image all over the world. They would also spearhead the process of initiating BK8’s market share in Asia. 

According to the soccer legend, he was thrilled to become BK8’s brand ambassador and was looking forward to promoting the site whole-heartedly. Van Persie also made it clear that he would like the partnership to last long. Besides, he encourages more online bettors to join BK8 and grab a share of the available deals. This would help the site to achieve its business goals.

What the deal means for BK8

According to the agreement, BK8 will have Van Persie’s image rights. Therefore, they have the permission to use them in any of their advertisements. Remember, Bk8 is also a sporting platform offering live football matches to bet on. On the other hand, Robin Van Persie is a former Manchester United striker who’s arguably one of the best. Therefore, soccer lovers will be attracted to the BK8 website.

Once prospective customers visit the BK8 website, it is now the site’s job to ensure that conversion rates are high. This may be achieved through eye-catching content, clean web layout and design, and irresistible bonus deals. Van Persie’s images will only offer a little additional support of drawing players to the BK8 website.

Luckily, BK8 is not new in the online gaming space. It has a few years’ experience in offering gaming services online. Besides, the team has organized several tournaments, including the BK8 Cup. This futsal tournament was warmly received by viewers and sponsors. This means that the company is a work in progress rather than a startup project.

With this additional support from Robin Van Persie, BK8 is set to organize more events since they already have an audience. Besides, Van Persie may attend the events, thereby drawing more fans. This means that the company will sail to greater heights.


After retiring as a footballer in 2019, Robin Van Persie saw it wise to join BK8 as their brand ambassador. This partnership has sparked a lot of excitement for both Van Persie and the BK8 company. First, BK8’s presence has been enhanced in the Asian region. This has driven more people into registering on the site. By so doing, the site is continuously generating more income.

Among other major activities, Van Persie’s trips to Asian countries like Malaysia will be the highlight. This means that BK8 members will be in for an incredible treat. Generally, BK8’s marketing team made a key milestone in their marketing plan by signing this game-changing deal.

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The Top 5 Slots Games On Online Casino Mega888

The Top 5 Slots Games On Online Casino Mega888

The Top 5 Slots Games On Online Casino Mega888

You may have seen other top Mega888 slot games lists, but we are taking it to the next level. Here we have the best top 5 Slots Game’s which are so popular” in the Mega888 online casino App



  1. Frankie Dettori’s Magical Intake

The Top 5 Slots Games On Online Casino Mega888

Magic Seven by Frankie Dettori from Playtech is the first entry on our Top 11 Online Slots List, an online slot machine enjoyed by horse racing fans.  Taking its name from the famous day in 1996, when jockey Frankie Dettori won all seven card races at Ascot, this slot gives players the chance to win as much money as possible if they spent their ride on that glorious day.  Secondary

With the 7,777x jackpot up for grabs, as well as wilds, bonus rounds, and free spins up for grabs, it’s no surprise that the game has proven to be a popular online game among slot fans and racing fans. 


  1. Age Of The Gods

The Top 5 Slots Games On Online Casino Mega888

Age of Gods was the first in a long series of Playtech slots that is inspired by Greek mythology.  The Age of the Gods series now includes more than 10 games, the first in the series is still one of the most popular online games.  Players must attempt to create a combination known as the Pantheon of Power with five different gods.  This will result in a 200x participation payment.


With three skins of the same god, players will activate various bonus features.  The bonus scatter symbol also runs the free spins feature.  Five jokers line up to win the 10,000x grand prize.  However, it is as popular as it is after this time, a testament to the game that deserves its place on our list. 


3.Deal or No Deal

The Top 5 Slots Games On Online Casino Mega888

Deal or No Deal is an interactive slot game from Gamesys.  Everyone knows Deal or No Deal like a TV show and secretly they always wanted a bank offer for them.  This game gives you that opportunity.  A relatively simple game that should appeal to beginners, players can select “Deal” and take the offer during a spin, or “No Deal”, to decline it.

By choosing the first option, the player will win a certain amount. 


4.Age Of The Gods: Sisters Of Fortune

The Top 5 Slots Games On Online Casino Mega888

The second game in the Playtech of Age of the Gods series is based on the List of the Gods: Fate Sisters Moiri.  These three sisters were responsible for controlling a thread, which represented a person’s life.

Fate Sisters offers players three bonus rounds to choose from, each with unique characteristics.  From free spins to frozen wild symbols, this online slot has a chance to rack up big wins. 


  1. Beach life

The Top 5 Slots Games On Online Casino Mega888

Life is really a beach.  Not everyone is lucky enough to have year-round sunshine or golden sand, but Playtech has done its best to give it to us with the Beach Life online slot.  With summer symbols like sun and sand, as well as bonus rounds with instant prizes and a 100,000x jackpot that line up five wills, it’s easy to see why Beach Life is so popular with online slot players.

But that’s not all, because Beach Life also has a progressive jackpot.  If players enter the wild combination with more and more bets, they will win the Mega Prize.  Be the next big winner at Beach Life at the casino.


Is 918Kiss A Scam? Find Out Here!

Is 918Kiss A Scam? Find Out Here!

918Kiss is an online game released in 2018 to bring new experiences for every online gaming players. In case you didn’t know yet, it’s recently known as SCR888 that is one of the largest and leading online game platforms throughout the Asian region. SCR888 is a well-known online mobile slot games in Malaysia. The founder decided to replace its name to 918Kiss for rebranding purposes.

casino games 2020

But, is 918Kiss a scam? The answer to that is no. But why? Well, 918Kiss provides a lot of benefits, which makes it more appealing than its competitors in the market. Let’s find out more!
Wide Selection of Games
One of the best reasons 918Kiss isn’t a scam is that it offers a huge amount of games on their platform. The platform provides a ton of games and from various categories, as well. You will find slots, Baccarat, live poker, roulette, and so much more.
Everything from new modern games to classic games, 918Kiss got you covered. That guarantees players will not feel bored with playing a single game only.
Did you know that one of the major concerns plaguing online gambling in the past is the number of frauds and scams happening inside it? Users and players were getting scammed and cheated out of their money. Some even lost their personal information because of the rampant scams and fraud in the online gambling market.
As stated on their website, 918Kiss is operated by a company that owns all the needed certifications and licenses necessary to run an online gambling platform, as well as the software they create. On top of that, 918Kiss encrypts every outgoing and incoming connection through 128bit encryption. That suggests your persona money and data as safe as it could be.
That suggests the online gambling platform is 100% guaranteed to be secure and safe for the user and player.
Convenience & Ease of Use

Online gambling had a concern before 918Kiss rolled out. It was not a concern with the authorities. The problem lies with attracting and driving new players. Previous online gambling platforms mistakenly assume that everybody who wanted to try them out was professional gamblers who will know how to play the game
Nonetheless, it does not change the reality that online gambling and gambling in a physical casino is different. That’s true, even if you know how to play the game. There was a lot of misunderstanding, such as how to replace the amount being bet, how to bet money, and so much more.
That resulted to even more concerns, like scams and fraud connected with online gambling. However, that all transformed when 918Kiss was launched. The platform made it their goal to make their platform convenient and simple for its users. 918Kiss arrived with detailed instructions that were nothing convenient for its players.
Bottom Line
To sum up, 918Kiss is not a scam. There’s a reason why it’s the most sought-after online gambling platform within Asia. You can guarantee you’ll find something you’d love in 91Kiss from its plethora of games to its security.

How To Optimise SEO in 2020

Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions still play a large role in SEO and ranking higher in search engine results. Meta descriptions should tell what the page is about, include important keywords and simultaneously entice readers to click on the page.

Loading Speed

At Google, they aim to make pages load in under two seconds. Other websites might take a tiny bit longer, but they should not take longer than five seconds to load. Too many images, ads or graphics will make a website load slower, which will then hurt their rankings. Customers that do not want to wait will leave the page before it loads and search engines will downrank the site. Make websites simpler, such as including less images and banner ads, will easily help them load faster.

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is how often customers are on the website, and then quickly leave. When readers leave too quickly, that contributes to the bounce rate of a website. Then, Google and other search engines downrank the website. They instantly assume that the website is not providing high quality content, or that, for whatever reason, customers are not getting what they need from the web page.

In order to rank higher, web page owners need to get their bounce rate as low as possible. There are several strategies that SEO agencies in Malaysia use to help engage potential customers and keep the bounce rate low. This is one of the most common SEO practices.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly websites instantly rank higher than websites that are not mobile friendly. This is because so many users are visiting websites via their phone and tablet now. Aside from offices, most people do not regularly use a laptop or desktop computer. Instead, they opt for the convenience of their phones, and website owners should accommodate that. Over half of all visits to websites are via a mobile device. Ensure that your page is mobile friendly to keep your bounce rate down, and encourage more traffic.

High Quality Content


seo mindset

High quality content remains the top choice for SEO strategies. Content posted should be free from errors, written correctly, and provide useful information to readers. If search engines feel that the content contains too much fluff, such as additional words to add length to the post like the word “also” too many times, it will rank them lower in search engine results.

When websites have high quality content, this contributes to reducing the bounce rate. Readers will want to stay on the page for longer than three seconds. This is another way that search engines help determine which websites should be ranked higher than others.


You may read more about SEO mindset that can grow your business here.

How Should a Dress Shirt Fit? (2020)

How Should a Dress Shirt Fit?

You enjoy how your slim fit white shirt portrays your muscles and pecs, although you feel like you’re suffocating inside. Why go through the hell, when the perfect dress shirt is out there waiting for you? Here are some tips and tricks that you can use, when picking out the right dress shirt at your local store.

From the top, the collar should always meet the standard “One Finger Rule”. When buttoned up, stick a finger and if the finger fits, it’s all good. You can opt for two fingers down the collar if you’re not used to the style.

As for the shoulders, take note of the seams and that it should meet directly at the edge of your shoulder. The shoulders must be broad enough to facilitate wide movements, without spiking oddly out of shape. Additionally, the length downstream should always curve and continue downwards to the arms. Too large or too small, you might tear a hole or end up with a floppy arm.

For slim fit dress shirts, it’s all about the torso or chest area. These dress shirts are made to match the torso region, giving it more intensity or appeal. If there are visible lines across the chest, it’s likely too tight. Too loose, and you’ll look very sloppy. What you need is a couple of inches of space between the fabrics and your chest to stretch while maintaining the outline of the chest.

Sleeves are a common issue, as it takes into account of how big or long your arms are. Similar to the torso region, you must search for an optimal diameter for your arms. It should be able to match the shape of your arms, without taking away too much comfort. Meanwhile, the length of the sleeves mainly dictates your ability to bend your elbow joints. Therefore, it is best to just let the sleeves meet in between the palms and the wrist. Take note that if you button the sleeves, it may affect the length when stretching.

The armholes are more preferential to each individual. Tightness ensures that it does not constantly slide up and down the arm during rigorous movements. For some, it’s just annoying. Looseness is a matter of comfort where someone would rather not feel the constriction. Nothing a couple of buttons or cufflinks cannot fix.

Finally, the midsection of the dress shirts. For extra slim fit or slim fit shirts, it is best to get a longer midsection so that you can tuck your shirts comfortably. It should also be narrow enough that the un-tucked portions to not sit out like a fat belly. To determine the tightness, you can observe the buttons if they are strained or unbuttoned when sitting down. Remember to fix your posture while sitting.

So, all you need to do is to follow these next steps to find the perfect slim fit dress shirt. You don’t need to splash a large amount of cash on a tailor to tediously measure every inch of your body. Share this with your coworkers or friends, they’ll be sure to thank you for it. 

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The Benefits of Latex Mattress

The Benefits of Latex Mattress

Latex Mattress Benefits

Latex is a common material used in mattresses because it has more elasticity. Because of this, the mattress will conform to your body, providing a level of comfort that remains un-rivaled by other materials. In addition to being more comfortable, there are certain benefits that come with sleeping on a latex mattress.

Naturally Resistant to Common Problems

Mattresses are known for providing a safe haven to dust mites. They are also the perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Most mattress companies use chemicals to help their mattresses be safer, but companies that sell latex mattresses do not have to because this material is naturally resistant to these same problems. Not only is this safer for consumers, but it is also more environmentally friendly.

Perfect Amount of Flexibility

Where memory foam mattresses are known for being softer and other materials are known for being stiff, latex mattresses are known for providing the perfect balance that the body needs. When you sleep on a latex mattress, you will have the support that your body needs to wake up feeling refreshed with the flexibility required for a mattress to be comfortable.

latex mattress company

Breathable Material

If night sweats are a concern or you live in an area that is known for humid temperatures, a latex mattress might be the perfect solution. When these mattresses are created, the manufacturing process puts holes in them. This might be unintentional, but it is one of the main benefits of owning a latex mattress. These holes create the perfect places for fresh air to come into the mattress, and for hot air to leave. This helps regulate the temperature of the body while sleeping, creating an environment that is perfect for a restful night.

Less Transfer of Movement

Latex mattresses are made from the perfect material for sleeping with a significant other. Couples are often kept awake at night because of their husband or wife tossing and turning all night, but that is because they do not own a latex mattress. This material will help both people sleep peacefully regardless of what is going on with the other half of the mattress.


These mattresses do not come apart as easily as their foam counterparts and are known to last for years after they are purchased. Because they are so durable, most people consider them well worth the money that they spend on them.


Latex mattresses are extremely affordable. They have been around for decades, meaning that you won’t have to pay a high price tag because they are new to the market. You also won’t have to pay high shipping costs to have a mattress imported. Instead, consumers enjoy a low cost out the door, and they can trust that anywhere they would like to purchase a mattress will have a latex mattress available.

The benefits of latex mattresses are the reason that they have stood the test of time. They give you the comfort and support that you need to get a good night’s sleep, are one of the most affordable mattresses on the market and will last for years after their purchase date. 

To learn more about white label mattress you can click on the link below :



Best Gym Wear for Men

Could you be making some crucial mistakes with your gym wear? For most men, gym wear is whatever is a little old, a little absorbent and doesn’t get too hot. If you want to get the most out of your workouts it is important to make sure that you are wearing the right gym attire every time you work out. So what should you be looking for in gym wear for men? Here are a few tips:

•    Your gym wear should be made of moisture wicking fabric. Moisture wicking fabric is the kind of fabric that is designed specifically to absorb sweat’. Sure, the old t-shirt you usually wear may be able to absorb sweat but since it wasn’t designed specifically for that it doesn’t do a particularly good job of it. Look at the label to make sure that the gym outfit you choose is made of moisture wicking material.

•    Choose clothing that fits. Many men assume that larger clothing is better for workouts because it enables easier movement. This is actually not true. When you wear clothing that is too large it makes movement difficult not to mention it makes you look smaller and a little awkward.

•    Stop putting on cologne to go to the gym. So there is this girl you really like and you don’t think smelling sweaty is going to help your cause. Why not douse yourself in a bit of cologne before you start your workout? Big mistake – when you are in a closed environment like a gym you are only going to make people feel ill. Good hygiene is all that is required if you don’t want to smell bad. Fresh sweat doesn’t smell bad, so make sure you take a shower every morning.

These are just a few tips that you should keep in mind when you are dressing for the gym. There are many more so keep your eyes open.

How Improving Social Influence Can Help Your eCommerce Convert Better

Your popularity on social media (number of followers), recommendations from influencers, proof of demand, and customer reviews are all part of social influence.

Picture resource: www.ninjacommerce.co

But in this article, I’ll focus on customer reviews and how it can help your eCommerce business generate more sales. Reviews boost your credibility and they’re also one of the best ways to increase sales.

An effective review is:

  • Medium to long in length
  • Specific
  • Sounds credible

Here are some benefits of social influence on your eCommerce website:

  • 84% trust online reviews, as it turns out they view it as a “personal recommendation.” They see this a form of business transparency. (Small Business Trends)
  • 70% consult reviews first before buying (PeopleClaim Blog)
  • 82% consider user-generated reviews valuable
  • 94% search and read online reviews (Fan and Fuel)
  • 270% increase in conversion rates after displaying reviews (Spiegel Research Center)
  • 380% increase in conversion rates for higher-priced products after displaying reviews
  • 88% see reviews a motivation in their buying decisions (Zendesk)

Social influence builds trust among your buyers. Because of the psychology of popularity and word of mouth, new customers feel at ease.

You need the power of positive word of mouth to generate lasting success. Existing customers can do a greater job of marketing than you could manage on your own.

How to add social influence to your eCommerce website?

eCommerce platforms have marketplace apps to help you add reviews. You can automate this process by using third-party software to collect and manage customer feedback.

Here are some Shopify apps to help you increase customer reviews:


  • $9.99/month. 14-day free trial.
  • Star ratings: 4.9
  • Numbers of users (2019): 1,769

Loox is an incredible app because it lets users leave photo reviews. It can send automatic emails to request your customers to leave a review. You can offer discounts to customers who submitted photos in their review. Loox says products that have photo reviews increased conversions by up to 91%.

Shopify Product Reviews

  • Free
  • Star ratings: 4.5
  • Number of reviews (2019): 1.136 reviews

This app provides a way for your customers to engage with you, as well as with other customers to encourage sales. It also has SEO-friendly review scores that you can to your Google search results.

Stamped.io Product Reviews

  • Free plan available
  • Star ratings: 4.9
  • Number of reviews (2019): 1,975

This app has in-email review form for customer’s convenience and added Net Promoter Score Survey. You can use this not only for reviews but also for NPS which can help further improve customer experience and conversion rates.

Here are some Magento apps to help you increase customer reviews:

Magento’s Testimonials

  • $48 installation service
  • Star ratings: 3

This extension allows the customer to rate products on a five-star scale and add text testimonials. You can verify the authenticity of every review and let you display the reviews on different pages of your website. You can also manage every review.

Pixlee Social Commerce and Visual Reviews

  • Free
  • Star ratings: 5

You can use this app to collect, display, and measure the effects of user-generated images and videos. It has image recognition technology to tag products in each photo or video making the visuals interactive and shoppable.

Feefo Ratings and Reviews

  • Free
  • Star ratings: 5

You can use this app to approve and filter out customer reviews. Each customer will receive an acknowledgment email to make sure the review is from an actual customer, not spam or bot.

In Conclusion

Social influence works well to increase conversions and sales. You should optimize and design your eCommerce to lift up your brand consistently. Customers who love and praise your brand will attract more people to trust and do business with you.

Try the above-mentioned tactics to see how customer reviews positively impact your business.

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How To Do Testing For Your eCommerce Funnel

Picture source:https://help.optimizely.com/Ideate_and_Hypothesize/Testing_ideas_for_E-commerce_and_retail_sites

Having eCommerce funnel is great, but without proper optimisation and the right growth framework you wont be able to go far.

How would you know that your funnel is outperforming the conventional page? Do you have the correct pixel tracking page views and engagement?

All these metrics are important and foundation of tracking is crucial.

In this guideline, I will walk you through of the proper way to grow your sales funnel.

1.Track and Measure.

The very first step is to establish proper tracking and measurement. Make sure your metrics is showing the right data. This would allow you to understand better baselines such as the standard engagement rate, the standard page views rate, click through and average time spent on page.

Analyze and Optimize.

Then, once you have proper tracking you will be able to know what are the baselines. Baselines are important and must be first established before optimising your sales funnel.

For example, your average time spent on page is 15 seconds as your baselines but the industry standard is around 50 seconds. You will know this should be your priority to make them stay longer and browse more of your product in your store.

Establish Your KPIs

Key performance indicator (KPI) , is where you set your optimisation goal. It should be set annually / quarterly or monthly goal to hit in  your effort to grow the funnel.

For example, in 2018 your average conversion rate for your eCommerce is around 1.3%. When you scale and grow your eCommerce, you should create your KPI as a goal to reach within a year by increasing conversion rate by 30%


Not just understanding which traffic source that give you the most web sessions, but know which source that yield the best sales. Some metrics can be measured on traffic source will be average order value, and life time value.

You will be surprise the differences is actually drastic. Knowing your numbers right will allow you to invest better budget for performing source.

Bounce Rate

This is critical especially if you have extremely bad bounce rate. The industry standard for bounce rate is always less than 65% , and if your bounce rate is way too high you have to fix this.

Few of the fix such as quality source of traffic or relevant traffic.

You have to understand how high bounce rate takes place is because in relevant and poor traffic source. By fixing bounce rate, you will open up to a whole new sales performance such as add to cart and conversion rate.

Dojolab is an ecommerce agency helping retail brands to scale their acquisition effort via Facebook ad and Google SEO.

How To Find The Right Makeup Artist For Your Product Demo

The influencer makeup artist in malaysia


Read about makeup class in Malayia

For newly launched cosmetic brands that are looking for product demo makeup artist, you need to understand that there are several types of makeup artist and what you should know before approaching them.

Bridal makeup

For bridal makeup artist, they are very hands on and detailed. Before engaging them, you need to understand your target audience very well. For exampe if your brand audience are targeting young malays, you should engage with a Malay makeup artist that specialised and understand the Malay makeup.

Read this article about learning makeup in Malaysia

This is very important because as a good makeup artist, they have to visualise the concept, contrast and tone of the makeup.

Hiring the wrong makeup artist can be a disaster because it doesn’t connect with your audience.

Occasion makeup

Makeup artist that specialised in occasion makeup are focused on bigger and broader audience. If your cosmetic brands are targeting broad users, it’s good to hire occasion makeup artist that understand the entire spectrum and dynamics of different makeup style.

However, it’s very important to craft out the theme and go through them with your makeup artist so they can prepare on how to deliver a world class makeup demo.

Influencer makeup artist.

Hiring influencer makeup artist can be the best hire for your product demo, but sometimes this can cost a bomb if you are running on a string budget.

Normally, these influencer makeup artist are followed by top musicians and artist in the country and being followed by huge local fans.

Despite the expensive fee, if you wanted to have the biggest impact on your demo session it’s best to hire influencer makeup artist in malaysia as they would be able to help your brand reach out to the big market.